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Broken Hearts and Mended Love


Authored by Carmen S. Bauer


Paperback, 512 pages




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ISBN-13: 9781543145496


ISBN-10: 1543145493


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Ashly, an art historian and ambitious mother, leaves her unhappy relationship only to stumble a few years later across Ulrik, an archaeologist from Sweden and a single parent just like herself. Their paths cross, when their smart children, Jake and Claire, meet at school and become inseparable friends. In the eyes of the two youngsters the two grown-ups are a perfect match for each other.


However, fate is to step in and turns everything around.


Whereas Ulrik falls immediately for the lovely Ashly, she is on the look-out for someone to spice up her life. Before their friendship can develop into more, Gordon, a businessman from Australia enters the scene, and Ashly gets more than she bargained for. She becomes entangled in a web of sex and intrigues, leaving Ulrik to make a life-changing decision, which brings Ashly and Jake close to the brink of despair.


But Ashly would not be Ashly if she were not to find ways to get back on her feet by fulfilling a long cherished dream of travelling the world with her son. Eventually, the travel experience paves the way for her to reverse her fear of failing relationships, forcing her to have a change of heart and make a very important choice before it is too late.


And as for Jake, despite all his efforts, he finds it hard to forget the girl he knew since childhood. Left with a broken heart he comes to realise that Claire’s magic still enthrals him.


A love story with more than one twist!



Carmen Bauer, Vatermorde und andere Intrigen

ISBN: 9783735721402

Books on Demand, 2014,

Taschenbuch 192 Seiten, €13,80


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Angelina lebt mit ihrem Mann in einem kleinen Dorf in Südengland.

Wann immer sie eine Gelegenheit findet, besucht sie ihren Vater und

dessen dritte Frau in Deutschland.

An ihrem Geburtstag ruft er sie an und gratuliert ihr mit ungewöhnlich

knappen Worten. Kurze Zeit später erfährt Angelina, dass er gestorben ist.

Bald keimt in ihr der Verdacht auf, dass ihr Vater nicht freiwillig aus dem

Leben geschieden ist. Sie beginnt seinen Tod zu hinterfragen und kommt dabei

einem makabren Geheimnis, das nie entdeckt werden sollte, auf die Spur.





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